KumNum-Chheam-Piphub-TbongPich [#EP.33] IDrama 1080HD

KumNum-Chheam-Piphub-TbongPich [#EP.33] IDrama 1080HD

Chong Keang Mekhear


As indicated by legends, the lord of war saved the sky in a lethal fight against the evil presence 1,000 years prior. Both tumbled from the sky and vanished from the world. Chu Xuanji was brought into the world to the world ailing in the six detects which makes her fairly dumbfounded and clumsy. She gets to know Yu Sifeng, the remarkable head pupil of Lize Palace who succumbs to her, in this manner starting a xianxia sentiment that is entrapped with the intrigues from an earlier time.

The Zanhua Tournament is being held in the Shaoyang Sect and its chief Chu Lei (He Zhonghua) has two little girls - his confided in oldest little girl Chu Linglong (Zhang Yuxi) and most youthful little girl Chu Xuanji (Yuan Bingyan) who is lethargic and horrible at hand to hand fighting. At the point when Yu Sifeng (Cheng Yi) and Chu Xuanji meet through a happenstance, they fashion a fellowship with one another. Yu Sifeng succumbs to Xuanji notwithstanding the unforgiving results that he should look as it is illegal for understudies of Lize Palace to fall head over heels.

In the mean time, Linglong conflicts with Wu Tong (Huang Youming) after she reprimanded his foul activities at the competition. In reprisal, Wu Tong coincidentally harms Xuanji and gets ousted. Having recuperated from her wounds, Xuanji vows to focus on developing. After four years, Xuanji and Yu Sifeng meet once more. Sifeng wears a veil because of a revile that must be broken assuming he tracks down genuine affection.

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